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Pope greets disabled pilgrims
    Children and adults in rows of wheelchairs assembled before Pope John Paul II for a jubilee of the disabled, the latest group recognised in the 2000 Holy Year.
    The Pope used the occasion in Rome to urge officials at all levels to work to secure the well-being, opportunity and dignity of the disabled.
    "In a society rich in scientific and technological knowledge, more can and should be done ... in biomedical research to prevent disability, in treatment, in assistance, in rehabilitation, in a new social integration," he said.
    The Vatican chose a site with easy access for the service.
    The blind, the deaf, children with Down's syndrome and pilgrims in wheelchairs lined up before the Pope. He has dedicated days throughout the Holy Year to a wide range of professions and sections of society. Last week he marked a jubilee of deep-sea divers.