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Melbourne Justice Commission pushes for reconciliation tribunal
    The Melbourne Archdiocesan Commission for Justice, Development and Peace (JDP) is calling for a healing commission that assist members of the Stolen Generations resolve past injustices.
    In its submissions to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee Inquiry on the Stolen Generation earlier this year, the Commission stressed the need for federal government action, coordination and leadership, partly in the form of the setting up of a reparations tribunal/healing commission.
    Executive Director Liz Curran said of the proposed tribunal: "It would have the advantage over he current adversarial process through the courts which can lead to further victimisation and trauma of Aboriginal people."
    She added that in many other jurisdictions, tribunals have been effective in addressing the needs of victims whilst still requiring standards of proof.
    The Commission's proposal builds on the recommendations of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) Report, Bringing them Home, and are consistent with suggestions made by the Public Interest Law Advocacy Centre in NSW. It emphasises that every citizen should have access to proper judicial process to ensure their rights are upheld and legal principles are developed through precedents.