Catholics Object To Britain's First Legalised Brothel
    Plans to open Britain's first legalised brothel are being opposed by local Catholics.
    A large disused storage depot in Aston, on the outskirts of Birmingham, has been selected by city councilors as the ideal location for legalised prostitution. They hope this will prevent prostitutes from plying their trade in residential areas of the city.
    But Sr Christina McCann, chaplain at the nearby University of Central England has expressed concern at the news. She told The Universe newspaper: "I would be very worried about its proximity to the university. We have such a large student population here."
    Catholics at St. Mary and St. John's parish, which would include the brothel in its boundaries, are praying that city councilors will just make the right decision for what is currently a quiet district.
    "We don't condone or condemn prostitution," said parishioner Mick Bradley. "We feel we have no right to judge anyone. What people do with their lives is between them and God."