Pope says medical technique must serve the human person
    Medicine must be "at the service of the integral well-being of the person" and not be simply geared to "technical and organizational efficiency," John Paul II told participants at a health-care conference on Saturday.
    Among those hearing the Holy Father's address were 500 ambassadors, ministers, doctors and pastoral care agents from 66 countries, who are attending the "Health and Society" international conference, organized by the Vatican.
    "A disordered medical science would not only endanger the life of each individual, but also social coexistence itself," the Pope warned.
    In fact, he added, "a medicine that is oriented primarily to enrich itself with knowledge with a view to its own technological efficiency, would betray its original 'ethos,' opening the door to harmful evolutions."
    "Only by being at the service of man's integral well-being, will medicine contribute to his progress and happiness, and not be converted into an instrument of manipulation and death," he added.