US Bishops seek justice reforms
    The US Catholic bishops this week endorsed the Middle East peace process, for the first time calling for 'the establishment of an internationally recognised Palestinian state' as well as the right of Israel to exist 'within secure borders'.
    During their conference this week, the bishops also discussed doctrinal limits for church-related colleges and hospitals, issuing statements on a series of contentious public issues.
    The bishops issued statements that demanded sweeping changes in the nation's criminal justice system, denounced the US Supreme Court's ruling on late-term abortions and urged more liberal laws for treating immigrants.
    And they discussed how Catholic hospitals that merge with non-Catholic facilities should forbid abortions and other practices that violate church teachings.
    Lay professor Daniel Finn of St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota, told the bishops that their new policy to control who teaches what about religious subjects in Catholic colleges creates potential for the worst 'open conflict between bishops and theologians' in a century.