Commercial radio campaign to celebrate Jubilee in Perth
    The Archbishop of Perth's Committee for the Great Jubilee has launched an intensive media campaign that will communicate the Jubilee message to an audience of 500,000 including listeners to five of the city's six commercial radio stations.
    Spokesman Brian Boyne said the radio commercials are designed to draw attention to the Jubilee in general, and also to a major public celebration at Subiaco Oval on the Feast of Christ the King.
    Mr Coyne said the innovative awareness campaign, which also includes the Press, is being funded by a $3 per bottle royalty from the sale of a special Jubilee commemorative wine bottling from Sandalford winery.
    "There are approximately 100,000 adults in regular contact with the Church in Perth through weekly attendance at Mass and through the Catholic schools," he said. "The marketing experts have told us that on average it can be expected that each of these people will purchase a bottle of wine during the Jubilee Year."
    Mr Coyne said that, aside from the major event at Subiaco Oval, most of Perth Archdiocese's Jubilee celebrations have been deliberately focused on the local level.
Newman Graduate