Death of Bishop Barry Collins
    Bishop Barry Collins of the NSW rural diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes died suddenly early yesterday.
    Australian Bishops Conference Secretary, Fr Brian Finnigan, broke the news of Bishop Collins' death, saying that he did not wake from his sleep yesterday morning.
    Bishop Collins was born on 10 November 1938 and ordained a priest on 15 July 1961. He was assistant parish priest and administrator in several centres, and worked for many years in the Catholic Education Office in Sydney, where he was Director of Religious Education for teh Archdiocese. He was appointed Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes on 30 March 1994.
    Bishop Collins' diocese covered the western half of New South Wales touching Queensland, South Australian and Victorian borders, covering 414,398 square kilometres. The statement from Fr Finnegan said he worked tirelessly in an effort to keep in touch with the people of his diocese. The bishop's travels are the focal point of the diocese's website.
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