Kenyan bishops suspect FBI investigation a cover-up
    Kenya's bishops on Saturday announced they will celebrate a Mass on 8 December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, to protest the slow speed at which the investigation into the murder of an American missionary priest is proceeding.
    Catholic World News reports that the bishops, speaking after a meeting of the bishops' conference, called the current investigation a hoax. Fr John Kaiser, 67, a Mill Hill missionary, was murdered on 24 August, just hours after he warned colleagues that he expected reprisals for his accusations of corruption against government officials.
    Following his death, three US FBI agents were immediately dispatched to Kenya to assist in the investigation. However, the bishops and others in the country have become impatient with the pace of the investigation and suspect a government cover-up.
    "We shall never forget this crime and we demand that all the culprits be brought to book. We are totally dissatisfied with the investigations being done by the government and the FBI agents," said the conference chairman, Bishop John Njue, who read the statement on behalf of the bishops.