Centacare joins call for review of Woomera abuse claims
    Catholic welfare agency Centacare has joined Amnesty International in calling for an urgent review of security provisions at the Woomera Detention Centre, in South Australia's north.
    The calls come as South Australian police investigate allegations of child sex abuse at the centre.
    Centacare director Dale West said the Federal Government must review its mandatory detention policy or at least ensure children are separated.
    "What we have is an ethnic mix that's dangerous - we have criminals living with non-criminals," he said. "And children are thrown into that situation as well in congregate living in outback Australia and that's just not acceptable."
    Amnesty International has also called for women and children to be kept away from the general detainee population.
    However, Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock says the child abuse allegations have been fully investigated and insufficient evidence was found to prosecute.