US newspaper apologises to Jesuit it called a Nazi
    A 24-year-old newspaper intern has been dismissed for writing a headline describing her former university president as a Nazi.
    The headline "Nazi priest promotes his new book" was used in reference to a book signing involving the President of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, Fr Robert Spitzer SJ.
    The headline was written by Robin Moody, a copy editing intern who was president of the women's studies club at Gonzaga earlier this year when Spitzer prohibited the club from inviting a speaker from Planned Parenthood.
    Editor of the newspaper, The Spokesman-Review, said the headline was a temporary space filler, but the crush of election news Tuesday night allowed the error to get into print.
    "I was embarrassed and horrified at the headline error," Peck told Spitzer in a letter he hand-delivered to the Jesuit priest.
    Meanwhile Fr Spitzer commented: "It's so extreme, nobody who knows me or knows of me would believe it, I don't think," he said. "It's forgiven and forgotten. Lets get on with life."