100,000 expected at Vatican for Farmers' Jubilee
    Pope John Paul II will preside at the Jubilee for farmers this on Sunday before an expected 100,000 pilgrims from 27 countries.
    Catholic World News reports that this celebration is the last of three Jubilee observances dedicated to those who work with their hands and with primary materials. The other two observances were the Jubilee for artisans in March and the Jubilee for workers in May. This ceremony is dedicated to reinforcing 'the dignity of work in the fields'.
    Vatican organisers point out that of the 6 billion people now living on earth, nearly half-- about 2.5 billion-- are engaged in agriculture.
    The Jubilee will also provide the occasion for raising some key questions about the world of agriculture, such as the effects of international debt, the development (and overdevelopment) of forests and wetlands, the process of globalisation, and the genetic manipulation of food sources.