Pope says Jews and Palestines 'called to live together'
    Speaking out again on the Mideast crisis, John Paul II said: "The Israeli and Palestinian people are called by history and geography to live together".
    The Vatican Press Office on Wednesday published a message of concern the Holy Father sent to Catholic bishops in the Holy Land, in which he regrets that failure of peace.
    "The brutal passage from negotiation to confrontation undoubtedly represents a failure for peace, but no one must be resigned to fatalism," the Holy Father said.
    According to the Pope, peace will not be lasting "if fundamental rights are not guaranteed: the Israeli people, like the Palestinian people, have the right to live in their home, in dignity and security."
    "Only a return to the negotiating table on the basis of equality, in respect of international law, is capable of opening a future of fraternity and peace to those who live in this blessed land," he added.