Ugandan nun dies in struggle against Ebola
    45 year old Sr Pierina Asienzo in a Ugandan Government hospital on Sunday died of the Ebola virus which she had been treating in others.
    In an interview with the Rome-based MISNA news agency, her co-worker at a religious hospital, Comboni Br Elio Croce, called Sr Pierina a 'martyr of charity'.
    Sr Pierina of the Madi ethnic group, who was at Gulu hospital for special training, volunteered as soon as a ward for Ebola patients was opened. However, after nine days of caring for the patients, she started showing symptoms of the disease.
    Br Croce criticised the lack of protective equipment available for medical staff treating the Ebola virus in the missionary hospital.
    "We continue recycling what we can, but we are always short of medical coats, overalls and masks," he said.
    According to MISNA, the current death toll of the Ebola epidemic in northern Uganda is 91, while the total number of cases is 284. 166 patients have recovered from the disease.