Cher attacks nuns who helped raise her
    The latest CD release from the entertainer Cher contains lyrics attacking the Sisters of Mercy congregation of nuns which ran the orphanage in which she lived as a child.
    The song, about Cher's childhood in the orphanage, describes the order as 'daughters of hell, masters of pain, mothers of shame, twisters of truth and daughters of war'.
    The lyrics also include: "Sisters of Mercy, they always weave the web of lies and wrap you in their wicked spell. "They use God like he's a weapon but only for a chosen few, then hide behind pious faces like the guilty always do."
    "Cher, much like the rest of Hollywood, is trying to sell her CD on the backs of Catholics. It's reprehensible," Church spokesman Patrick Scully told the New York Post.
    Cher, 54, says her angry words come from the fact her mother was forced to put her into a Catholic orphanage while she worked at an all-night diner.
    "When she went to get me back, the mother superior told her she should put me up for adoption. It took my mother six months to get them to release me back to her," Cher explained.
    "She felt desperate and helpless against the establishment. This is not a condemnation of the Catholic Church. . . . I have known many wonderful and loving nuns in my life."