Shark attack victim receives blessing before dying
    The Perth swimmer whose leg was bitten off by a shark at North Cottlesloe beach on Monday, died in the arms of a local priest, who was also a friend of his.
    Fr Brian Morrison told the media: "I was in the cafe, and heard the shout, 'Shark attack'. I looked up and saw a very large fin and a man with flailing arms. I raced to the beach and noticed a huge number of people gathered. Some went out into the water - two in particular tried to push the shark away - while others took hold of Ken and brought him to shore.
    "In a matter of seconds the shark had disappeared and all we could do was bring Ken on to the beach. We worked furiously with two doctors but there was no way Ken could have survived. I whispered into his ear, 'Kenny, if you can hear me I'm going to give you the blessings of the Church, so squeeze my hand'. He squeezed my hand twice and I think it was just after that point that he passed away."