Catholic commission regrets impact of globalisation on Regional Australia
    Australia's most disadvantaged regions are still waiting for change a year after a Government Committee called for a 'comprehensive and convincing response to the challenges faced by regional Australia'.
    Yesterday, the Australian Catholic Social Welfare Commission released a discussion paper addressing the nation's glaring regional disparities and calling on the Federal Government to adopt a coherent framework for regional development.
    The Commission's Executive Secretary, Mr Toby O'Connor, said: "Economic reforms implemented by successive Federal Governments, and international economic integration or 'globalisation', have had diverse impacts at a regional level within Australia. Despite the benefits that may have accrued to the economy as a whole, globalisation has had destructive consequences for many of the nation's regions, while others again have experienced tremendous prosperity."
    Mr O'Connor acknowledged Government rural health initiatives, but insisted that the Federal Government must commit itself to a 'full range of programs' to provide employment, stimulate economic growth and assist private enterprise in regional communities.
    The discussion paper is titled 'Regional Australia in a Globalised Economy: Towards a Responsible Framework for Regional Development'.