Pope celebrates 50th anniversary of Assumption Dogma
    During Thursday's All Souls' Day commemoration, Pope John Paul II presided at a solemn Eucharist celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the dogmatic definition of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
    During the Mass in St Peter's Basilica, the Pope said: "Let us praise the Lord for glorifying His mother, associating her to His victory over sin and death."
    Reflecting afterwards about the Annunciation, the Holy Father said: "Mary shows what has constituted the foundation of holiness: a profound humility". He said that her humility enabled Mary to "see with truth herself, the rest of the people, the world".
    In closing, he addressed the Blessed Virgin. "In you we see the goal of holiness to which God has called all the members of the Church. In your life of faith we see the clear indication of the door towards spiritual maturity and towards Christian holiness", he said.