US nuns angry at losing
    Madonna has been criticised by an order of nuns for taking control of an internet domain name which they say was promised to them.
    The sisters at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, in Lincoln, Nebraska, are stunned Madonna has been awarded ownership of the name
    "It's not a very Catholic thing to do," said Carol Jesse, a representative of the hospital.
    The nuns say they were promised the name as a gift from New Jersey businessman Dan Parisi who had been using it to sell pornography. But then Madonna stepped in and was awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organisation - it said the name legally belonged to her because it was used internationally to market her music.
    Ms Jesse said: "It was devastating. Madonna stopped us from getting the site. Mr Parisi had offered us the site as a gift and we wanted it because it would have meant people could find us easily and it would have avoided all the confusion that goes on at the moment.
    "This hospital was founded by Benedictine sisters in 1958 and we have over 250 beds. We are one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the country and we wanted that name because of the religious connotations."