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British bishops declare human cloning 'immoral'
    Cloning of human embryos for medical research is 'immoral and unnecessary', the Catholic bishops of England and Wales declared on Monday.
    The bishops urged MPs to vote against the therapeutic cloning of embryos in a free vote which may come before the Commons within a week.
    In a statement, the bishops of England and Wales said: "It is immoral because it involves the deliberate creation and destruction of new human lives for the sole purpose of extracting stem cells for research."
    Cardinal Thomas Winning, the Archbishop of Glasgow, told the BBC: "The truth is that research is not a problem for us. How it is done is the problem.
    "MPs are being asked to allow the cloning of these tiny human embryos. The end is good, finding new treatments for disease. But the means are immoral, the tiny cloned human beings are killed before they come to birth."