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Pope urges broadcasters to take risks for the 'common good'
    Receiving 3500 participants in the Jubilee of the Italian state broadcaster RAI in St Peter's Basilica on Monday, Pope John Paul said that the media have a duty to the common good, and must not 'give in to purely economic interests'.
    He said: "Yours is truly a workshop of words and images. You are communications workers, key operators in the common task of building a society tailored to man."
    The Holy Father highlighted the responsibility of Catholics working in the broadcast media: "They can influence the complex mechanisms of the formation of civil and social consciousness. This is not an easy mission, it calls for courage and, not infrequently, heroism. At times it is necessary to go against the tide, perhaps undergoing solitude, incomprehension and marginalisation."
    He said that Christians must respond to the culture of ephemeral values 'with a solid culture of life, of solidarity, of the family and of human rights'.
    RAI has created a special television channel for the Jubilee called 'RAI-Jubilee'.