Los Angeles Cardinal intervenes in strikes
    The Archbishop of Los Angeles has called for the city's public transport authority to invest more in bus routes used by the working poor, and to work with federal and state lawmakers to reduce the debt burden which has restricted its service to the public.
    The Tablet reports that Cardinal Roger Mahony was speaking shortly after the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) and the United Transportation Union (UTU) finally resolved a deal to settle the third-longest transit strike in Los Angeles' history. He invited the MTA and the UTU to meet under his auspices to resolve issues behind the dispute.
    The strike ended on 18 October after eleventh-hour negotiations brokered by the Revd Jesse Jackson.
    The cardinal earlier this month appealed to striking workers in hospitals, welfare offices and libraries to end their strike. The intervention by a cardinal known to be an ally of trade unions was seen as giving labour leaders the chance to end the dispute.