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Homeless election candidate receives Catholic support
    A Catholic soup kitchen in Montreal has presented a homeless man as a candidate for the Canadian federal elections which were to be held yesterday Candadian time.
    The Tablet reports that recent changes in electoral law which permit homeless people to vote for the first time have been welcomed by Sr Nicole Fournier, a Gray sister who directs the Accueil Bonneau project and soup kitchen. She commented, however, that homeless people were marginalised and uprooted from society, so 'the fact that they will be able to vote on 27 November doesn't change much'.
    The candidate, Michael Laporte, aged 52, of the newly launched Nothing Party (Parti Rien), says that the party's platform calls for further investment in social projects, in particular increased aid for the homeless and poor.
    The party has promised that its rallies will shun long speeches, concentrating rather on the Accueil Bonneau choir's normal repertoire of songs with a social message, strongly featuring their campaign song, which has the refrain: "Today no one should go hungry or cold."