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Catholic GST Religious Group database now available online
    An online database containing information regarding the members of the Catholic GST Religious Group is now available at the Australian Bishops' Conference
    Under the new taxation regime, religious and charitable organisations received an exemption from the Federal Government for intra-organisational transactions. The Catholic GST Religious Group database, has been compiled with the assistance and co-operation of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
    "To this day, there are 4480 separate members of the Catholic GST Religious Group," said ACBC's GST Liaison Officer, Ms Wendy Day. "This database is designed to help one member find out whether or not another Catholic organisation they will be entering into a financial transaction with is also a member of this Group."
    "If the Parish is a member of the Catholic GST Religious Group then the Monastery will not have to charge GST, however, if the Parish is not a member, then charging GST will be applicable by law," said Ms Day.
    The Bishops' Conference has appealed to eligible Catholic organisations to obtain membership of the Catholic GST Religious Group.
    "Just because you might be listed in the Official Directory of the Catholic Church in Australia, published by the National Council of Priests, does not automatically mean that you are a member of the Catholic GST Religious Group," said Ms Day.