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Priest calls for united opposition to global greed
    Columban priest and social activist Fr Brian Gore has called on groups working for social justice to act together to counter forces in globalisation that are benefiting the wealthy at the cost of the livelihood of the world's poor.
    The Catholic Weekly reports on a speech Fr Gore delivered at a public seminar on corporate agriculture and the worldwide commercialisation of food production at Action for World Development's Sydney office.
    He said: "We need solidarity, we need to think globally, we need to see the connection with people in the Third World."
    "This is a part of the opening up of the world - free trade and globalisation. But ordinary people are missing out," Fr Gore said. He said it was up to the developed world to build links with the developing world.
    "Trying to convince people, that's the hard part," said Fr Gore. And not everyone is receptive to the message because if the developing world is to "have more" then the developed world will have to reduce its consumption.
    He said consumers in developed nations could help workers and farmers in the developing world by boycotting certain companies' products if they employed dubious business practices. The developed world could force change in this way, he said.
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