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Kenyan church leaders call for better control of illegal brewing
    Reacting to a recent home-brewed liquor scandal, resulting in the death of 150 consumers, Catholic leaders in Kenya have criticised the government's lax supervision of the production of traditional beverages and the proliferation of illegal bars.
    Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana'a Nzeki of Nairobi also wondered how a batch of liquor, containing methanol, a poisonous form of alcohol, could have been distributed so widely.
    "How is it that nobody reported the brew was about to be sold?" he wondered. "And if it was reported, why was no action taken?" He also called the public not to leave all responsibility to the government and participate in the control of illegal liquor brewing.
    "The Church does not approve of drunkenness. We never did, we never will do, and we shall never. We need to assist the government; after all, the problems are ours as a society."
    Archbishop Nzeki promised the Church's help to the victims of the poisoned liquor tragedy.