Vatican says 'Morning After' pill equals abortion
    The Vatican on Tuesday condemned a 'morning-after' pill that recently went on sale in Italy as a contraceptive, calling it a form of abortion by chemical means.
    In a document released by the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Vatican accused those of distributing or prescribing the pill of being 'morally responsible' for an abortion.
    The hormone-based pill must be taken within 72 hours of sexual relations. It impedes a possibly fertilized egg from imbedding in the uterus by altering the uterine wall.
    The Vatican document contested the definition of the pill as a contraceptive, noting that the end result is expulsion of a possible embryo.
    "It is clear that in fact the morning-after pill is nothing other than an abortion obtained by chemical means," the document said. It urged those involved in the health sector to become "conscientious objectors" against "new hidden forms of aggression" against human life