Priest welcomes Vic Govt cash for ex-prisoners' drug treatment
    Fr Peter Norden of the Catholic Church's Brosnan Centre has welcomed yesterday's announcement by the Victorian Corrections Minister that the government will provide $3.5 million for treatment to help the Centre prevent released prisoners from reoffending.
    The former prison chaplain said: "The revolving door syndrome that has been accentuated by drug addiction among prisoners and those just released from prison can now be tackled more seriously."
    He pointed out that 451 released prisoners are known to have died within twelve months of their release over the last ten years.
    "It is simply not in the interests of the community that these young people fail in their attempt to reintegrate into society" he explained.
    But Fr Norden said: "[Although] the Brosnan Centre does not have a magic wand to solve the problems of these young people, this additional funding will strengthen the professional programs we provide both for those serving a sentence and for those just released".
Brosnan Centre