Melbourne churches challenge banks on fees
    The Catholic church is part of a Melbourne coalition preparing to lobby banks for a fee structure that is structured according to customers' ability to pay.
    The Catholic Leader reports that Fr Joe Caddy of Catholic Social Services, a member of the coalition, said that despite recent regrettable fee hikes by the National Australia Bank (NAB), he was optimistic that the group would get a hearing from the banks.
    The group, which also includes Australian Baptist Union president Rev Tim Costello and representatives of the Anglican and Uniting Churches, has been discussing banking as an essential service with the NAB for two years.
    "There is a fundamental difference," he said, "in our approach and the banks. We want a more progressive payment structure, which is according to ability to pay.
    "We say those most able to should pay more and low-income people should pay less. At present the banks are going in the other direction.
Catholic Leader