Adelaide Archdiocese looks beyond youth rock masses
    The influence of family, peers and friends, and the role played by "significant adults", are key factors in shaping the way young people develop their faith and spirituality, according to an Adelaide Catholic church study reported in this month's Southern Cross.
    The findings have emerged from a year-long consultation with young people conducted by the Adelaide archdiocese as a review of how the church connects with young people and how it can reach out to "the 100 per cent" - those who attend Mass regularly and those who do not.
    Based on the findings, Archbishop Faulkner and the Diocesan Pastoral Team is advertising for a senior youth consultant whose role will be to build the skills needed to reach and involve young people, rather than running retreats or youth activities.
    The review - called the Year of Exploration - was conducted by project officer Tania Elliott and included feedback from meetings with young people, questionnaires and focus groups.
    "Youth don't want to be just left by themselves, Ms Elliott said. She added that another finding was the tendency of parishes to regard young people as "homogenous".
    "Young people are seen collectively only because of their age, not their interests and needs. Yet we keep doing the same things, offering them the 70s youth groups or youth Masses with a bit of groovy music."
Southern Cross