Archbishop looks towards peaceful Solomons
    Archbishop Adrian Smith of Honiara is 'looking forward to happier days' in the Solomon Islands with the signing of a peace agreement in Townsville last Sunday.
    The agreement was signed by the leaders of the warring factions, which in two years of ethnic conflict have devastated the Solomon Islands economy and left many people dead.
    Archbishop Smith, who has travelled tirelessly to reconcile the islands' factions, said: "The delegates in the Townsville talks have just returned. A copy of the agreement is to be delivered to me this afternoon.
    "But the national council of Churches here is very happy that we've got this far. We see our role now as helping the people to understand this agreement and implement it."
    The Churches were represented at the peace talks by Anglican Archbishop Allison Pogo of Honiara.
    Archbishp Smith told The Catholic Leader that a blockade of humanitarian aid to people in remote areas has been causing widespread suffering.
Catholic Leader