The support of six bishops for Canada's World March of Women 2000 on Sunday has 'split the Catholic Church in Canada', according to Life Site News.
    The Ottawa Citizen reports that 15,000 women marched in the event. They were seeking a commitment from the Canadian Government to boost funding for public housing and front-line services that help women who are victims of domestic violence, as well as improvements to pension and employment insurance programs.
    The six Catholic Bishops participated in a Mass for the march at Notre Dame Cathedral. The bishops included Ottawa Archbishop Marcel Gervais, who had planned to join the march until police warned him that it would be unsafe.
    Outside the cathedral a few Catholic pro-life protesters held signs reading "Reject Feminist Supremacy." During his remarks in the church, the Citizen reports that Gervais told the packed audience to "smile at their fellow Catholics as they ran the gauntlet of anti-march protesters." A group of seven from a local area parish held a pro-life banner in the march and also proclaimed the same message in the air with a plane flying overhead carrying the banner, "Stop violence from womb to tomb."
    Life Site News described the event as a 'feminist propaganda measure that has split the Catholic Church in Canada'. It said five of the seven representatives who met with the Prime Minister came from 'overtly pro-abortion, pro-lesbian groups'.
    Similar women's gatherings took plance in various cities around the world.
Life Site News
18 Oct 00

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