An Italian nun was shot dead in Burundi and another nun wounded as they travelled home from mass, according to the Rome-based MISNA news agency.
    555 year old Sr Gina Simionato was hit by gunfire as she returned with other sisters from Sunday mass in the town of Gihiza, about 90 km east of the capital Bujumbura.
    It was not immediately clear whether the nuns had been targeted or if they had accidentally strayed into an area of conflict. Robbery may have been the motive for the attack, according to Misna.
    The injured nun, a Burundian, was shot in the arm.
    On 3 October, uniformed men shot and killed another Italian missionary at a roadblock outside Bujumbura.
    Fighting between the Burundian army, led by the country's Tutsi minority, and Hutu rebels has intensified in and around the capital in recent weeks, leaving dozens dead and wounded.
17 Oct 00

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