Cardinal Edward Clancy has warned that an influential minority could "reduce human life to a commodity".
    The Catholic Weekly reports on a recent homily in which he spoke of "destructive influences" pushing for legalised euthanasia and of children frequently now being denied the right to natural parents through the abuse of modern technology.
    He said: "These social engineers, quite irresponsibly and in a cavalier fashion, are abandoning the concept of family as it has been acknowledged since the dawn of human history. This has terrifying implications for the future of civilisation and, indeed, for the human race."
    The gospel, he said, warned against being adversely influenced by the rich and powerful to the detriment of the poor and powerless. This message still has relevance today, he said. In an extract from his homily given below, the Cardinal explains how an influential minority is setting an increasingly destructive agenda for us all.
Cath Weekly
13 Oct 00

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