Controversial Catholic Tory MP Ann Widdecombe has told a Scottish newspaper that gay marriages are not as valid as heterosexual marriages.
    She said in an interview with the paper on Sunday that same-sex unions are not the 'preferred model' of marriage.
    "We have always been a tolerant party," she said. "But if that means we are tolerating anti-social behavior or making all forms of lifestyle equal and not having a preferred model, then we have never been that sort of party and we don't propose to be that sort of party."
    Widdecombe denied that she was in any way homophobic. "I would not go back to the days when homosexuality was illegal or when you stamped 'illegitimate' all over a baby's head if it was born out of wedlock, but I do want a preferred model and that is the issue," she said. "And as long as you have a preferred model then you can't afford things equal validity."
    She later confirmed her stance in an interview with the BBC: "That has so long been my position that I am amazed it is still worth reporting."
11 Oct 00

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