Pope John Paul II has appealed for an end to violence in the West African state of Guinea.
    Speaking in St Peter's Square the Holy Father said he was particularly disturbed by attacks on Catholic missionaries and refugees who have fled there from the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
    "For weeks, disturbing reports have been received of bloody attacks in Guinea against the local population and against refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone," he told pilgrims.
    "I ask in the name of God that the perpetrators desist from such acts of violence and respect the rights of all, in particular those who are refugees and who are already living in a precarious situation," he added.
    His call came as three rebels and two Guinean soldiers died during an attack on the border with Liberia in the south-east region of Koyama.
    There has been a sharp rise in anti-foreign feeling in Guinea since rebels carried out a series of border attacks from Sierra Leone and Liberia.
6 Oct 00

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