68 year old Congolese Archbishop Emmanuel Kataliko, who survived systematic harassment including seven months exile from his Bukavu diocese, has died of a heart attack while attending an African bishops' meeting outside Rome.
    Fearing he may have been poisoned, Catholics in his diocese have requested an autopsy. Fellow Bishops who saw him a few hours before say Archbishop Kataliko "was not well, he was tired and very pale".
    Last month, rebels finally allowed him to return to his diocese after a seven month exile. The rebels were angered by his active support for his people's resistance against rebel incursions. In his Christmas letter last year, he denounced "foreign troops, with the collaboration of some Congolese brothers, [who] organise war with the country's resources".
    The Congolese Rally for Democracy said at the time that the archbishop had gone beyond acceptable limits, using his pulpit to stir up hatred and collaborating with its main enemy, Congolese President Laurent Kabila.
    The rebels allowed him to return to his diocese as part of a "policy of reconciliation".
    He had succeeded Jesuit Bishop Christophe Munzihirwa Nagbo, who was assassinated during a guerilla attack in 1996.
6 Oct 00

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