Copycat Mother Teresa nuns set up community in China
    A community of seven religious in Eastern China has adopted the same ministry and habit as Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity (MC).
    CRTN News reports that the nuns, whose congregation is called the 'Missionary of Teresa's Charity Services', made their vows at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church of Taizhou diocese in Zheijang province and promised to live a life in the spirit of Mother Teresa, whom they consider their teacher in life and work.
    Although their habits with three blue stripes on the head resemble the ones of the Missionaries of Charity, the Chinese nuns said that they have no connection with this order.
    "But it is our common wish to serve and work like them," said Sister Zhou Fangjia.
    As China does not allow the local Catholic Church to have an official connection with the Vatican, it does not authorise religious communities to have official links with orders outside the country. Only diocesan orders are allowed to exist in China.
    When asked whether her congregation was interested in having contacts with the real Missionaries of Charity, Sister Zhou commented that such contacts would be "inconvenient" at this point. "But we hope to do so in the future".