US Diocesan spokesman regrets DJs' 'hate crime' against Catholic Church
    The Boston Archdiocese has described as a 'hate crime' the broadcast of what was claimed to be secretly taped confessions from a Catholic church.
    A rock radio station in Worcester suspended two drivetime DJs after they refused to comply with their program manager's instruction to pull what the manager insisted were fake confessions.
    Archdiocesan spokesman John Walsh told the Boston Herald: "I cannot believe any individual would violate the sanctity, confidentiality and intimacy of the confessional. Such people would be beneath contempt. I can't imagine any responsible media outlet would play such a thing."
    The program manager, Dave Douglas, said the confessions were phony and station management was in on the joke, but he asked the two disc jockeys to stop airing the confessions after a call from a priest in the middle of the show.