Scottish cardinal slams criticism Of first Catholic speaker
    Cardinal Thomas Winning has hit out at MPs and journalists following the election of MP Michael Martin as the first Catholic Speaker of the British House of Commons last week.
    Catholic World News reports that the cardinal told the Scottish Catholic Observer he was "disgusted" at the "snobbery and bigotry" from many other MPs and from the press which have lampooned Speaker Martin's working class origins, his Scottish accent, his Catholicism, and his pro-life stance.
    "I'm absolutely delighted for Michael and his family that he has been selected to be Speaker," said Cardinal Winning. "I have to say, though, that I have been disgusted at some of the reactions of certain journalists and parliamentarians to his election."
    He continued, "We have seen a quite disgraceful outbreak of snobbery and bigotry in recent days which does no favors to anyone. Those who have sneered at Michael's accent, his background, his pro-life views and his down-to-earth manner should be ashamed of themselves."