French priests crusade against Halloween
    A group of French traditionalist Catholic priests have organised a protest against Halloween for Wednesday, saying the autumn celebration of ghosts and goblins was 'devoted to Satan, ugliness and absolute evil'.
    The traditionalist priests, disgusted by the commercial exploitation of a festival 'directly imported from the United States', demonstrated outside a church in the Riviera resort town of St Raphael with some 120 Catholic school students.
    "We should have something else to offer children besides a macabre festival," said Fr Louis-Marie. "Imposing on them only that which is cold, dark and morbid is not good."
    Halloween, the 31 October festival when children dress up as ghosts, goblins and witches and ask neighbours for sweets, has been celebrated in France with growing enthusiasm in recent years after advertisers and businesses imported it from the US.
    The priests also criticised the fact that celebrating Halloween means holding parties on the eve of All Saint's Day.