Presidential candidate Bush praises late New York Cardinal
    Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush praised the late Cardinal John O'Connor of New York at the Al Smith dinner, a traditional showcase event for presidential candidates.
    "Before I close," Bush said during his speech, "there is another man I'd like to talk about -- someone who is not here, John Cardinal O'Connor. I will never forget his funeral. Inside that beautiful cathedral were two presidents and other leaders of our country; outside, were average New Yorkers who stood ten-deep along Fifth Avenue.
    "The cardinal was of the most impressive men I have ever met. He was a moral leader, and not just for Catholics. And early this year, when I had some things to clarify, I knew exactly who to contact.
    "Everyone who met him saw strength and energy, wit and intellect. He was a man who held a great position -- and added to its authority. He took a high office -- and lifted it. For anyone who aspires to leadership, he is a model.
    "The cardinal had a way of putting politicians on the spot -- exactly where we belong. He was never a man to mince words. He followed truth where it led, and spoke for the dictates of morality. He understood that morality is what gives authority to power, and purpose to freedom, and dignity and direction to all our lives.
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