Priest says FBI wants to avoid truth about missionary's murder in Kenya
    A Kenyan priest has expressed doubt that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will be able to conduct an independent, professional investigation into the murder of US missionary Fr John Kaiser, Catholic World News reports.
    Kaiser, 76, a Mill Hill missionary who had served in Kenya for 36 years, was murdered on 23 August after telling colleagues he feared for his life. A human rights activist, Father Kaiser had been preparing a report that linked highly-placed government officials with a series of ethnic clashes last year.
    After his death, a team of FBI agents was flown into Kenya to assist in the investigation. In a letter to the US ambassador in Nairobi, Johnnie Carson, Fr Gabriel Dolan of the Kitale Diocese Justice and Peace Commission has vowed to resign from his ministry if the suspicions he holds against the Kenyan and the US governments are proven wrong.
    Fr Dolan alleged that the FBI team was composed of inexperienced personnel who were least prepared for such a serious task, adding that the US government may sacrifice the truth in order to protect its long-term economic and political interests in Kenya.
    Preliminary reports indicated that the FBI agents, working jointly with Kenyan counterparts, are bent on compiling a report claiming Fr Kaiser committed suicide "based on his rather erratic behaviour several days before he met his death." The suicide theory will sharply contradict an expert's report at the scene of the crime and the pathologist's who stated that it was a homicide.