Yasser Arafat seeks help from Pope
    Yasser Arafat has sent a personal appeal to John Paul II, while a senior Palestinian official in Italy said the Pope should intervene to help resolve the Mideast crisis, according to Reuters.
    Nemer Hammad, the top Palestinian Authority official in Italy, said Palestinian President Arafat had sent the appeal but did not reveal the details of Arafat's letter, the news agency said.
    Italian news agency ANSA quoted Hammad as saying the Pope should intervene and that only a voice as respected as the Pope's could hope to diffuse Mideast tension.
    "Whoever has the power to do so, should speak out today," Hammad said, adding that international intervention was needed if four weeks of violence, resulting in the deaths of at least 135 people, the vast majority Arabs, was to be diffused.
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