Prince Charles wants monarchy open to Catholics
    Details have been released of a private conversation in which Britain's Prince of Wales expressed his desire to see the Church of England disestablished as the state church, and the possibility of a Catholic monarch.
    The Daily Telegraph has published details of the conversation which took place five years ago with Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, then leader of the Opposition Tony Blair, and Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
    The paper says Ashdown's diary records the Prince asking Sacks: "Are you making an argument for disestablishment?" Mr Ashdown intervened: "Yes, of course, he is and he's right." Mr Ashdown then records: "Charles looked at me, smiled broadly and said, 'I really can't think why we can't have Catholics on the throne'."
    A St James's Palace spokesman said on Monday night: "Obviously it was a private conversation and sounds to me as if it was a quiet aside. But the Prince has always had a strong sense of the country being for all faiths."