A Catholic priest drove his car into a US abortion clinic and then attacked the building with an axe, only stopping when the owner shot at him.
    Fr John Earl drove through a door at the Abortion Access Northern Illinois Women's Centre and was swinging an axe when the clinic's owner twice fired a 12-bore shotgun.
    The priest wasn't hit, but he was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal damage to the clinic in Rockford, about 85 miles north-west of Chicago.
    Fr Earl was held on $A18,381 bail, reports the New York Post online.
    Dr Richard Ragsdale, who has an office at the clinic, said there had been vocal protests at the site over the past four or five months.
    The priest's attack came only two days after the controversial abortion pill RU-486 was given federal approval.
    "I'm not surprised that something happened on the heels of the RU-486 announcement. But this is a little more violent than we were expecting," Dr Ragsdale said.
3 Oct 00

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