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An Australian priest, who was jailed in the Philippines by President Ferdinand Marcos because of his stand on behalf of marginalised Filipinos, has challenged the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Catholics to do something positive for the poor.
    Columban Fr Brian Gore told the Catholic Leader that he rejected claims at the recent World Economic Forum event in Melbourne that the body was looking at how to introduce globalisation for the greatest benefit of everyone.
    "Big business and government have done nothing for the world's poor," he said. "The WEF has not delivered on its promises. The hunger of 1.2 billion people is not on their agenda. 20% of the world's people own 83% of the world's wealth."
    Referring to the violent clashes between protesters and police outside the forum at Melbourne's Crown Casino, he said: "We don't condone the violence that occurred, but we do try to understand where it's coming from, the frustration of people who have lost their jobs, for example."
Catholic Leader
22 Sep 00

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