Debt protesters from the Jubilee 2000 Campaign are aiming to draw the world's attention to foreign debts of poor countries as an obstacle to development and a sign that there is no level playing field for Third World athletes.
    While the spotlight is on Sydney, organisers are calling upon the international community to deliver on a series of promises to alleviate the crushing debt burdens of impoverished countries, particularly at the upcoming IMF/World Bank meetings.
    "The promises of creditor countries to cancel debt have proved to be a cruel joke on the poor," said Jubilee 2000 spokesman Fr Brian Gore. "They have led people to think that something is being done, when only a fraction of the promised debt relief is being delivered."
    "Drop the Debt" is the slogan facing visitors to the city at every turn, as dozens of banners have been put up around the City and en route to Olympic venues. Protesters themselves are also converging on the streets, in small groups chained together, handing out leaflets to anyone interested in taking one.
Jubilee 2000
19 Sep 00

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