Spanish police have recovered the skull of a 14th century Spanish antipope, stolen in April from a ruined palace and held for ransom by semi-literate thieves, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.
    Civil Guard police arrested two people, one a minor, on suspicion of taking the skull of Benedict XIII, better known as the antipope Papa Luna, and demanding $A9,317 to return it.
    The cranium, all that is left of Benedict's remains, was removed in April from a ruined palace in Savinan, a remote town in the central Spanish region of Aragon.
    The mayor of nearby Illueca, where Benedict was born Pedro de Luna, received three badly written ransom notes threatening to throw the skull in the river if he did not pay, newspapers reported at the time.
    Papa Luna became the second "anti-pope" in 1394 after the Great Schism split the Catholic Church between followers of the pope in Rome and an antipope in Avignon. After he died in 1423 his embalmed body became famous for working miracles.
15 Sep 00

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