xThe Siamese twins born to Catholic parents should be allowed to die naturally, according to the Archbishop of Westminster.
    The leader of Catholics in England and Wales, Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, said in a written submission to the Court of Appeal that the pair should not be separated if it causes the death of one sister.
    The court wrestling with the fate of the twins has heard from doctors that the life of one twin can be saved - but only if she is separated from other, who would then die.
    The court asked the archbishop for a written submission of his views. Doctors have also said that both girls will die within a few months unless they are separated. The girls' parents, who are devout Catholics, oppose surgery.
    The court gave the Pro-Life Group as well as the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster permission to make written submissions on the case to help decide the fate of the twins.
    A spokesman for the archbishop said: "The reason the archbishop has offered to make a written submission is to offer some reflections based on Catholic moral teaching which may be of assistance to the Appeal Court judges in deciding on this tragic and heart-rending case."
15 Sep 00

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