Quoting the speech of Pope John Paul to sports participants at Rome's Olympic Stadium last May, Archbishop Francis Carroll has welcomed Olympic visitors, with the reminder that sport can contribute to peacebuilding.
    Archbishop Carroll, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said yesterday: "We borrow the Pope's words as our greeting: 'May solidarity and peace be above all, the winners in this heartwarming competition. From the Olympic Stadium, may your message of hope be transmitted: Sport too can contribute to building peace'."
    Archbishop Caarroll recalled and echoed the blessing of the then Archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix, before the 1956 Melbourne Games: "May the smile of Christ be on the Olympic Games; may the world's athletes gathered in the bond of their common humanity find in our city the peace that lies in the shadow of God".
    Meanwhile, Sydney's Archbishop Cardinal Edward Clancy officiated at Mass of Welcome to Sydney's Olympic visitors in St Mary's Cathedral on Friday evening. The Mass was attended by representatives of 31 ethnic communities, and Cardinal Clancy emphasised the contribution refugees and migrants have made to the development and transformation of the Australian culture
ACBC/Cath Weekly
13 Sep 00

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